I’m getting over a 24-hour stomach flu and the only thing that is making me feel better is the thought of owning this jacket.  I was at the Grove this weekend to see 500 Days of Summer with my honey and we stopped by Barneys Co-Op to check out what new Phillip Lim they had.  DIE!  I must have this jacket. I had seen it online but images don’t do it justice.  It is perfect in person.

Who has the money to buy me this? Please.


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8 Responses to “Slightly DISTRESSED”

  1. phuong Says:

    YEs! I love that you can try on/consider buying/buy winter clothes during the summer. I purchased some Ann Demeulemeester wool tapered pants for myself for my Birthday last week. Weeeee.

  2. WendyB Says:

    That’s a great jacket. Glad your bug was only 24 hours. That’s bad enough but it could’ve been worse!

  3. t. Says:

    it’s you! 🙂

  4. GreatLabels Says:

    YES! I am totally in love with that Amelia-Earhart-bomber-jacket look. I’m tempted to max out a credit card for it. Hehe.

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