I loathe it when people ask “are you a shoe or bag person?”  Not just because the question has been asked 1 zillion times, but because the questioner always fails to throw jewelry into that cliched ultimatum.  My answer would be jewelry in case you were asking.

These are two necklaces that I acquired these past two weeks.  One is vintage and from Reno, the other from Forever 21.  I’ll let you guess which is which.  Upon spotting them I was whisked away to Dries Van Noten land and there was no turning back.  They reminded me of that amazing gold cluster necklace I recently saw on the runway that turned my knees into butter.  Nowhere near identical but definitely in the same family.

I promised lots of people that I’d start posting some more of my style on Fashion Intel.  Maybe it will help you get better acquainted with who I am?  You’ll definitely be seeing lots of

1  jewelry 2 black 3 gold 4 s+m shoes 5 vintage

You won’t be seeing the following

1 80s fashion 2 “it items” 3 frowns 4 bad model poses 5 cliches/platitudes

Thanks for reading.  Have a lovely weekend.


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10 Responses to “Chain Mail/DRIES INSPIRED”

  1. sg Says:

    i love them both but not as much as your beautiful face!

  2. underthedesk Says:

    that green gold bead necklace is amazing!!

  3. underthedesk Says:

    this is olivian from the 2nd btw.

  4. phuong Says:


    • Fashion INTEL Says:

      I knew you’d like that! HEY, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? I haven’t seen you online at all. Are you partying hard in Westwood or something. I have to tell you something exciting.

  5. phuong Says:

    ive beeen online! ive been here since forever and ever!

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