Belladonna wore this to the AVN awards, up for auction





On Sunday we ventured to Erotica L.A at the Convention Center.  I was excited to see what new booths were at the expo but most importantly I was overjoyed knowing that I’d meet my favorite star Belladonna over at the Evil Angel booth.  OK, I’ve met her before, but since reading her twitter, I was looking forward to discussing our mutual love for Kombucha, homemade food, and all things fashion.  I’d like to say that Belladonna is one of the coolest girls I’ve ever met and I wish we were friends because she has the most amazing positive energy.  Loved her headband.  I wonder if she watches Gossip Girl too.

While I was waiting for Belladonna to arrive at the both, I met a lovely young lady named Bobbi Starr.  My friend Natalie A. and I were immediately struck with how stylish she looked and I asked her if I could snap a photo of her outfit.  After inquiring, she mentioned that the belt was thrifted in London and the top was from Budapest.  Pretty legit.  I was completely unfamiliar with this actress so I did some research and found out that she considers herself a pro-sex feminist.  Also mentioned on her wikipedia page “As of 2008, Starr is a student studying pre-med, with the aim of becoming a gynecologist. Her intent is to work within the adult entertainment industry, where she has identified a lack of female gynecologists.”  Love it.

The industry can thank these women for bringing some great style and personality to a field that is often monolithic.

I don’t want to forget to mention I am well aware of the L.A. Times article discussing the recent news that an adult film star recently tested positive with HIV.  This is a serious issue and if you already haven’t read the news, please do so.


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7 Responses to “For ADULTS”

  1. diabolina Says:

    love that jumpsuit too. Kombucha teas right? My best friend growing up created that. He is duh a gay.

  2. phuong Says:

    man, i hate kambucha. i dont know why. its like teasing you with the alcohol, but i think i was more so shocked by the price!

  3. Natalie Says:

    Belladonna was so cute and I really loved the fact that she wasn’t dressed like a total whore the way the other stars were. Same for Bobbi Starr. I still have conflicting feelings about the porn industry, but it is nice to see female stars who are at least attempting to make something legit out of their careers.

  4. fashionispoison Says:

    bow chika bow booooow

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