Graduation DAY


Today I graduate from college and I cannot tell you how happy I am!  Many of you I’m sure know the feeling but I am so elated I don’t know what to do with myself.  Luckily I’ve got a plan: wake up, eat breakfast, yoga at Equinox, massage/spa at Equinox, relax at home, eat lunch, graduate, cry, and dinner at Anisette. Oh, and a whole lot in between.

I really wanted to find an image that summed up how I felt about graduating.  Last week I was browsing google images for “Vogue Paris” and this image of model Natasha Poly grabbed me immediately.


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7 Responses to “Graduation DAY”

  1. t. Says:

    congratulations!!! xo

  2. phuong Says:

    w00t w00t!! <—- my graduation motto

  3. sg Says:

    so many kissesxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Natalie Says:

    Yay!! I’ll be thinking about you!

  5. martine syms Says:

    CONGRATS!!!! Graduation is fun and weirdly sad, but college is now done… until grad school 🙂

  6. Noelle Says:

    Congratulations Natalie!! All your hard work has paid off! And kudos to the breakfast and yoga…great start to a great day.

  7. Mimi Says:

    Congratulations! Now what’s next? 🙂

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