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Two years ago when Kate Hudson was on the cover of Vogue she talked a lot about the chemicals we unknowingly consume.  She shared a story about one of her girlfriends who was diagnosed with cancer and how that opened her eyes to the harmful products we use on our bodies.  Kate wasn’t directly linking her friend’s cancer to the products she was using, but rather began speaking about her new outlook on life and how we must be conscious of the things we buy.

For this reason, she collaborated with David Babii to create a hair care line FREE OF PARABENS, SULFATE, AND PETROLEUM.  Even better is that 10% of the profits goes to WildAid, a non-profit organization that works with governments and communities of the world to reverse the devastation of our planet’s wildlife.

I am mentioning all this because I think it is important that we become conscious consumers.  Also, I bought the shampoo and conditioner and I think they’re amazing!  My hair looks and feels so silky smooth, plus the scents are wonderful.  You can buy your bottles here.

Please read more on the link between parabens + breast cancer here.  Then take a look at your products and report back.


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10 Responses to “Fresh and CLEAN”

  1. Natalie Says:

    I’m not sure I buy into all this craziness about all the things that can supposedly give you cancer, but I do like the idea of sticking to products with less or no chemicals. Do you know about a disease called Multiple Chemical Sensitivity? I imagine as a WS major you probably do. I have to get your thoughts on that one of these days. We read some stuff about it for a class I took Winter quarter.

    • Fashion INTEL Says:

      I have to giggle because when I was writing this I thought …. “when Natalie reads this she’s going to say everything causes cancer and people are too crazy about it!” This is how I see it, if we’re using chemicals that we might have not used before and our cancer rates go up like crazy there needs to be an investigation linking the two. When I took a political chemistry course I learned that major chemical manufacturers Monsanto and DuPont made tons of chemical warfare for WWII. When the war ended they were stuck with millions of dollars of unused chemicals which they in turn created house hold cleaning products aimed at women . Scary? Yes. Monsanto and DuPont were also the companies who created the agent orange that my father was infected with during Vietnam, and now he has multiple growths coming out of his body. Please, if there ever was a time you take my word, take it on this one. Dangerous chemicals + our bodies = potentiality for cancer

      I’ve done so much research on this issue, its not like I just opened a Newsweek and read an article, you know? Ugh, and don’t even get me started on breast cancer. An 11 year-old was diagnosed like 2 weeks ago. Hormones + chemicals! OK, I don’t think I know about this “Multiple Chemical Sensitivity” but I am going to look into it now. It sounds like one of the many ambiguous diseases we spoke about in my Women + Health course this quarter. We’ll talk more about this on Sunday! Thanks for reading, and I always love your comments. Stimulating.

  2. sg Says:

    when i use the shampoo i hope i am transported to a grassy plain where sweet baby tigers love me. (and hopefully the mom loves me too)

  3. saku Says:

    I was an all-natural fanatic for the past half year but I’ve only recently jumped off that bandwagon. The whole “controversy” over parabens just annoys me now because the amount of parabens is so scanty that there’s no legitimate need to be eliminating preservatives in products. There are many natural ingredients that are irritants and consequently not beneficial for those with sensitive skin. Furthermore, doctors such as Dr. Neil Schultz, Dr. Leslie Baumann, and my own dermatologist (who will remain nameless due to privacy reasons) all recommend products that are NOT “natural/organic.” People like to think that the parabens in products accumulate in our bodies over time but that’s not how that happens. Ask any dermatologist certified by the American Board of Dermatology and I am sure you will get the same answer.

    In all, I’ve come to believe that all natural is not necessarily the way to go. I’ve gotten far better results from prescription topicals that do in fact contain parabens, god forbid! If you still don’t believe what I’m saying, I recommend you read “The new science of perfect skin” by Daniel Yarosh, Ph.D.

  4. phuong Says:

    i hope it gaves me a lion mane full of volume because i can sure use it!

    • Fashion INTEL Says:

      Phuong, I forgot to tell you that my employee Noelle says she just loves your hair! I knew you’d love hearing that. She gushed that they cut was superb and that she wished she had the courage to go that short. ❤

      Hi Noelle, if you're reading!

  5. martine syms Says:

    Whole Foods also has a super inexpensive all-natural (no paraben, petrolatum, sulfates) hair care line. That way you can donate the rest of that $10 to WildAid, because these celeb tie-in products usually have so many “administrative fees” that your money never makes it to the cause.

    On the chemical + body = illness tip: I have to agree with Fashion Intel. Start reading the labels on cosmetics/cleaning supplies/food and you’ll soon realize how many chemicals/additives are in those products. Medical studies tend to forget about women, people of color, and esp women of color so there are very few long term studies on how these chemicals effect us.

    • Fashion INTEL Says:

      Thanks for the tip about “administrative fees”, I never even thought about that. I do love the Shampoos at Whole Foods so I’ll have a look out for the one you mentioned.

      You also really hit the nail on the head regarding women, people of color, and women of color being completely left out of studies. I wish you could’ve been in my “Women & Health” class this quarter, you would’ve really loved it. We’ve got lots more to talk about on this subject. Thanks for adding your insightful comments to this discourse! I always appreciate your thoughtful words.

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