Fashion Doppelgänger/Burberry v F21


Yesterday one of my favorite bloggers, Diabolina, made a comment about my recent purchases from Forever 21.  She, like me, knows how to go in that store, find the gems and walk out of there with something that looks like it came off the rack at Barneys.  We’re not haters of F21.  I’m sure we could both attest that there is just way too much jersey in there but nonetheless we love the place!  Her comment inspired me to go peruse their site and see what new pieces I could ad to my treasure chest of jewelry.

Jackpot!  I found this amazing Tribal Leaf Rope Necklace which is totally reminiscent of that Burberry leaf necklace I was dying over on Net-a-Porter.  Two clicks later and it was mine.  I’m so happy because I really love the design no matter who makes it!  Besides, leaf/flower necklaces go way back and now I finally have mine.  I’d love a vintage piece if any of you have a suggestion.

I think Fashion Doppelgänger has made its comeback.  I was really bummed when another fashionblog [corporate] hijacked my intellectual property like the day after I made a post.  Obviously I am bright enough to know I didn’t create either of those words, but I know when someone is making a carbon copy.


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4 Responses to “Fashion Doppelgänger/Burberry v F21”

  1. phuong Says:

    oooh, more golden jewlz for the golden girl.

  2. Diabolina Says:

    Yes to Fashion Doppelgänger – it’s how we became friends 😉

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