I am back from my sister’s wedding weekend in Laguna Beach and I am zonked.  Being Maid-of-Honor is completely exhausting but totally worth it!  We had a wonderful time and I am ready to get back to all my projects I’ve been working on: 1) re-designing my site 2) serious running 3) my graduation.  But first I must prepare for L.A. Blogger Shop Day at Space 15 Twenty.

Please come shop my closet this weekend!  I’ll be there as well as some other great L.A. girls like Fashion is Poison, Taghrid and That’s Chic.  I’ll post some items this week that so you can get a first peek at the goods.  I’ll be selling some Alex+Chloe, Alexis Bittar, vintage YSL and many other amazing gems!


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9 Responses to “Shop My CLOSET”

  1. Chantalle Says:

    ahh warpaint! shannyn sossamons band!

  2. Lady Says:

    see you there

  3. sg Says:

    see you there! x

  4. Phuong Says:

    ah, that reminds me i gotta dig out my stuff. yay!

  5. t. Says:


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