In Chloe I TRUST



From Elle June 2009

Chloe Sevigny is one of the coolest girls on the planet.  From Sassy to Big Love, Chloe’s style is a look that is championed by the creative and booed by the masses.  Chloe’s looks in Elle are totally inspiring me right now.

Don’t forget to pre- order your Chloe Sevigny “Buckle Boots” from Opening Ceremony!

More photos after the break.










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7 Responses to “In Chloe I TRUST”

  1. sg Says:

    she never ceases to amaze with her intense beauty and style.

  2. Diabolina Says:

    so hot. please find me polka dot tights on the cheap. thank you.

    oh also send me a pic of you in that zipper phillip lim. or has graduation not happened yet???

    • Fashion INTEL Says:

      I will keep my eyes out for the polka dots! Also, graduation has not happened yet but as soon as I am in the skirt, I’ll take a photo and send it your way … better yet, I might post it! Did you see that photo of me in the little hat? I am getting close to revealing myself. Hilarious.

  3. phuong Says:

    her belt in that first photo is so awesome. i want a dresss made of just that belt

  4. Becs Says:

    She looks Amazing in these pics! Love the one of her wearing the purple scarf belt. Wow.

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