Home Sweet JULIA





Julia Restoin-Roitfeld and I might have been separated at birth.  No, we are not twins in physicality but rather we share nearly identical taste.

I was so excited when The Pipeline posted some photos of Julia at home, courtesy of The Selby.  One of my favorite things is to peek inside fascinating people’s lives.  Seeing how some of the most stylish people live is totally engrossing.  I was not disappointed with the series of photos uncovering Julia’s NYC apartment.  In fact, these images have me convinced we’d be the best of pals!  She owns the gold Pamela Love “Talon Cuff” I’ve wanted forever, she owns the Balenciaga sandals that I couldn’t afford to buy 2 years ago, and she owns a ton of skin products just like myself.  Also, we both wear white furs on our white beads.  I’m just saying…

P.S. If you’re interested in buying me a graduation gift, I will glady accept the Gold Talon Cuff.  Purchase here.


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10 Responses to “Home Sweet JULIA”

  1. sg Says:

    i wish i could. i so so so wish i could.

  2. Mariel NY Says:

    Give me those cuffs! I looooooove them

  3. Nora Says:

    the cuffs are perfect and she looks fabulous with that white fur coat on the white bed spread!

  4. Phuong Says:

    yes, I will be starting the Fashion Intel-is-graduating-and-does-not-trust your-taste-in-gifts FUND.

  5. Natalie Says:

    All right! I know you want me to comment more on your blog, so here goes…but I am going to be honest, so don’t hate me for it. I think that talon bracelet is really cool, but there is absolutely no reason what so ever why it should cost $800! I don’t care if it’s designer, I don’t care if it’s one of a kind. It’s 18k gold PLATED and bronze. Give me a fucking break! This is why I hate high fashion and I think it is total pretentious B.S. I’d much rather find a unique piece of vintage jewelry at some no name place in the middle of no where and pay a good price for something I absolutely know no one else will have than wear that crap around ever! That said, I know how much you love this stuff and I am sure it will look amazing on you! But as far as graduation gifts go, it’s not in my budget.

    • Fashion INTEL Says:

      Would you say the same thing about art? Maybe. Fashion is like art to me, and I am a collector. These pieces are hand made and I can appreciate the craft. What you find valuable is obviously much different from me, but it doesn’t make me wrong. Rather there is a difference in taste.

      Also, I am the best thrifter I’ve ever met so I know all about vintage pieces. They’re only one of a kind because they’re at a thrift store and I am sure were once mass market. My preferences for “high fashion” and “thrift” can also be linked to not supporting unethical labor, i.e. child labor, and non-fair trade. I think it is important to make conscious decisions about where we buy our clothes, and stores that offer $30 dresses come with a much heavier price. High fashion is only pretentious if you allow it to be and everyone everyday decides to contribute to fashion merely by putting on an outfit. You are not exempt from this.

      Fashion or jewelry isn’t just “stuff” or “crap” to me, but rather an integral part of who I am. I’d like to suggest that a friend would use different adjectives when referring to another friend’s interests. Lastly, I don’t think any of my friends could afford an $800 price tag for my graduation gift, it was merely a cute suggestion. If you don’t ever ask for something, you don’t ever receive it, so I enjoy putting my desires out into the universe.

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