Rudo y CURSI





Last night we attended Flux’s screening of Carlos Cuarón first full-length film entitled Ruso y Cursi.  Lo siento para todos las personas no hablan Español.  The line was incredibly long but we were lucky our friend Fixed Air just happened to walk by on her way home and mentioned her friend was working the front door.  Next thing you know we had tickets in our hand and were bypassing the line with grins on our faces.  Surprise number two unfolds when I run into an old friend who just so happens to hang with possibly the coolest Latinas in L.A. [pictured above]  Claro.

We scamper inside and my boyfriend is tickled to death by all the free candy and Izzes!  Chatted, mingled and saw some spotted some girls with style.  Snapped some photos and then ended up sitting next to another old friend – surprise – once we we made it into the theater [calling Mecha members].  What a night.

You don’t think it could get any better? It did.  The lights dimmed and out of the shadows a soccer ball was thrown.  My honey caught the ball with his long arms and to our discovery it was signed by Gael, Diego and Carlos.  A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.


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10 Responses to “Rudo y CURSI”

  1. rachel Says:

    Great pictures! the third (graphic picture) is amazing! ❤

  2. phuong Says:


  3. sg Says:

    oh diego… x

  4. nati Says:

    AWESOME! I love the soundtrack too – it’s out on iTunes now con Devendra Banhart, Black Lips – looks like it was so fun!

  5. Diabolina Says:

    I WOULD HAVE POOPED!!!!!!!!!! Gael is sooooo pretty. Was the movie good?

    • Fashion INTEL Says:

      Hahah, I love that line.
      Gael is just beautiful, isn’t he? The movie was good so I recommend you go see it this weekend. I think you’ll get quite a few laughs.

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