Love her necklace + style. She was not shy to mention it was from F21. Ordered it! Update: Duh, it is the girl who blogs That’s Chic

Loomstate’s “The Birds”

Aussenhaut picked us up and we were off to Unique L.A. We had fun looking around, making jokes and chatting it up, but we didn’t really see too much that blew us away.  The most popular space was this charm booth that we both bought necklaces at.  Phuong found a super cute fish and I picked up a mini-California and evil eye.  Love them!  The girls were going bat shit for these tiny necklaces.

We hit up one of my favorite thrift shops when we were done but only had 15 mins to shop as they were closing.  I scored 2 amazing black blazers in that short time!  As we were driving home Phuong and I got to talking about Loomstate for Target.  It inspired me to visit the 2 Pasadena Targets and I bought this bird tank top.  Looks great with my AA black pencil skirt.  I am now thinking I should buy that t-shirt dress.  I love you Rogan Gregory.

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6 Responses to “Oh so CHARMING”

  1. Phuong Says:

    balmain and pyramid studs here we come!

  2. phuong Says:

    yess… and i can alter them with my sewing machine if need be!

  3. Diabolina Says:

    did you know the girl you photographed with the F21 has one of my fave blogs, that’s chic?

    • Fashion INTEL Says:

      Um, that is hilarious! My boyfriend and I kept saying “we know that girl, but from where?” She’s even prettier in person. I think I was so struck by that amazing necklace! I’m going to link her under the photo – thanks for the good eye!

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