It is easy to lose focus with the constant barrage of disposable fashion, competing luxury goods, and huge sales, but this past week I was reminded how fashion is a true art form that we ourselves have the ability to constuct and re-construct.  Instead of throwing down your next fifty bucks willy-nilly, take a look at some of my new favorite things.

1. Basic Circle Lens/Slow & Steady Wins the Race [Golden Age]
Slow & Steady is one of my favorite concept clothing labels. Not only are their designs amazing but they’re incredibly smart. I was so psyched to see their glasses being carried on Golden Age’s new webstore.   It is not every day I am in Chicago so I cannot wait to shop Golden Age’s online collection.  Visit this Store!

2. Studded mini-skirt/Balmain [net-a-porter]
If you have a pulse then you know every blogger has been going ape for Balmain. But like most of us you don’t have $7,000 to drop on a skirt next week. What I suggest is that you make your very own studded mini-skirt a la Balmain. Oh, they’ll understand. I am going to get working on mine – I’ll post it when I’m done.

3.  Mini Black Straw Hat/Chapeau Claudette [Pixie Market]
I recently discovered Pixie Market via Fashionista, and I just died for these mini hats! I’ll be ordering this one by Friday, mark my words. Who doesn’t want a bit of Mary Poppins in their wardrobe?


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14 Responses to “Be CREATIVE”

  1. Nigel Tomm Says:

    I just love these glasses!

  2. Phuong Says:

    Any girl with her marbles is a do-it-yourselfer…otherwise, what’s the point of fashion if you only consume and don’t create? I look forward to your DIY project! you should do a tutorial on your blog.

    • Fashion INTEL Says:

      Phuong, that was so ON POINT! “…what’s the point of fashion if you only consume and don’t create?” – You have inspired me. Maybe be can make skirts together? What do you think?

  3. Noelle Says:

    Those glasses are great. I’m about to check out the Golden Age site right now.

  4. WendyB Says:

    Loving those glasses.

  5. Frank Says:

    Fashion is Art. The beauty is that we can put together WHATEVER we want and some will like it, some won’t but who cares as long as you love it! Take risks, be bold and watch the world follow! Great taste btw on your new faves, got any pics of the final dress up?

  6. phuong Says:

    yes! I’d love to!

  7. martine syms Says:

    i agree with phuong, although i probably diy a little too much…. also, thanks for the shout-out!

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