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I have got a hunch about Eva Mendes and it is that she is secretly cool.  Ever since I posted her Vogue Italia photo spread [ shot by Steven Meisel] I cannot stop wondering about how she hasn’t been given the opportunity to do something interesting in Hollywood.  I have read enough cultural studies texts to know that Cubanas/Latinas are rarely given the chance in media perform outside of the  “spicy vixen” or maid stereotype.  Eva even mentions in her Lula interview that she doesn’t get many scripts with interesting female characters.  Isn’t it time to start making better films?

This is why I am totally rooting for Eva!  If my favorite magazine in the world says “She’s a Lula Girl at heart” then I know my suspicions were legit.  Simply looking at these photos makes me love her even more.  How could you not?








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5 Responses to “About EVA”

  1. Sheena Says:

    She’s really cool, I hope she gets some clever roles. This was such a pretty spread. Love Lula.

  2. Phuong Says:

    pretty in purple. I diggit!

  3. J Lacroix Says:

    What was she in rehab for?

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