Funny Girl


My favorite quality in any person is their sense of humor.  If you can make me laugh we’re friends for life.  Anna Faris is one of those people who can make me pee my pants laughing.  She makes some of the worst movies but she always manages to make me chortle.  I’ll excuse her bad roles as I am well aware there are very few decent roles written for women in Hollywood and she’s not an “A-lister” yet.

Thank you Elle magazine for recognizing how awesome Anna Faris.  See her beautiful shots after the break.









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8 Responses to “Funny Girl”

  1. Saku Says:

    oh! i had no idea who this girl was and i just bought the april elle a few days ago .. i thought, ‘this girl def isn’t a model, either in size or by the way she looks’ but i thought she looked decently pretty

  2. Phuong Says:

    saw her outside the house of blues like 5 years ago in an awesome fur coat. i hope it was faux.

  3. Radio Bam: FUNNY story of bratty little girl | FunnyThing.Info Says:

    […] Funny Girl « Fashion Intelligentsia’s Weblog […]

  4. gayskeleton Says:

    The Funniest part on her film House Bunny is how she memorizes names…

  5. Natalie Says:

    I agree totally! She is hilarious and I love funny women, especially funny women who happen to be beautiful, which I think she really is. I will also forgive her for her bad film roles. 🙂

    • fashionintelligentsia Says:

      Is that why we’re such good friends? Beauty + Brains.

      I am happy that you forgive her about the bad film roles as I don’t think she’s given that many good ones. We both know what kind of lousy scripts are written for women and don’t even get me started on comedies written for women. Sheesh. Alright, now I am getting started so I must stop.

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