Young & Unstoppable


Zoe: “Dude, I’m bringing back the boa.”
Olivia: “I’m bringing back the clog.”
Zoe: “Together we’ll be unstoppable.”

Vogue magazine has printed its yearly “shape issue” and has featured two of my favorite indie girls as their “SHORT” body type.  I have loved both these girls in films and in the pages of magazines but I had no idea they were best friends!  This makes them even cooler in my book.  Olivia Thirlby absolutely charmed me as a slacker in The Wackness and Zoe Kravitz simply has amazing style.  I shouldn’t be surprised at their b.f.f status.  They’re both young, uniquely beautiful, stylish, and cool without trying …. and apparently both short.  They measure at 5’3″ and considering that’s what my height chart says, I think it is time they invite me to go vintage shopping with them in NYC.

P.S. Did you know Marisa Tomei is Zoe’s godmother?


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6 Responses to “Young & Unstoppable”

  1. t. Says:

    zoe is gorgeous!

  2. Phuong Says:

    Hooray for “short” girls!

  3. martine syms Says:

    i also love zoe!

  4. gayskeleton Says:

    Good thing she didn’t inherit her father’s sunglasses…

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