Art Star


photo via Hustler of Culture

Models? Of course.

Inga the Chihuahua

Last night we went to Nancy Riegelman’s opening at Western Project in Culver City.  I was fortunate to meet Nancy through my lovely friend/artist Stefani Greenwood and I have been anticipating her show ever since I received the invite.  Nancy’s art is incredible so I urge you to visit the gallery and take a look at her amazing graphite lines.  She also has an amazing closet and her ensemble for the opening did not disappoint.  The dress!  The heels!  I think the Olsen twins saw her look on the streets and said “I want to dress like that woman!”

For drinks we stopped by the Mandrake which had a nice cocktail list and lots of space.  I think I’d like to have a party there.


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7 Responses to “Art Star”

  1. Phuong Says:

    the male models look great!

  2. Phuong Says:

    dude bike boy is totally model caliber. You should’ve seen him in his biking gear friday!

  3. sg Says:

    we had a great time with you!

  4. gayskeleton Says:

    Models… hell yeah.

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