I Love Rashida


Don’t you love it when you think someone is cool and then you find out they are a Harvard grad and used to work at Barneys?  I love amazing surprises like that.  The Harvard Grad and Barneys Girl (she revealed this on Martha) I am talking about is Rashida Jones.  I have always thought Rashida was so cute and hilarious – though I don’t watch The Office – and I was excited to see her on The Martha Stewart Show being absolutely amazing.  Rashida came on to make a rhubarb tart and in Martha fashion, hilarity ensued.  The Martha Stewart Show is one of my favorite programs which I record on my dvr every day.  Celebrities are out of their comfort zone on Martha and it is so much fun to see how they respond to crafts, cooking and baking.

Back to Rashida.  Besides being gorgeous, did I mention she’s a Harvard grad? Oh, I did.  I’ve always liked her because intelligent, funny, and stylish women are always tops with the Fashion Intel.  One of my other favorite things I learned on her wiki page is that “She is also a longtime family friend of Nicole Richie and British fashion designer Stella McCartney.”  Enough said.

To watch Rashida make a rhubarb tart, watch her Martha video here.  If you want even more, go see I Love You, Man with me next weekend.  Support interracial love!

P.S. As you can see from the clip, Rashida is a short nails kind of girl!  Who’s with me on that?

Rashida & Kidada Jones, Nicole Richie, Samantha & Charlotte Ronson


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13 Responses to “I Love Rashida”

  1. phuong Says:

    Long nails are creepy on guys and girls. Rachel Zoe was right, if you dont want to look like a dragon lady, clip your nails!

    • fashionintelligentsia Says:

      Even more gross is when someone has a long pinkie nail! I remember some Vietnamese gangsters in h.s. had them.

      I really need to start painting my nails again. I think I’ll do that this weekend.

  2. phuong Says:

    HAHAH. OMG squat and throw in your cards!!!

  3. phuong Says:

    oh and i bet sam ronson is secretly in love with rashida jones.

    • fashionintelligentsia Says:

      I wish Sam Ronson was secretly in love with me. And I’d like to add Rashida to my best friends group. I know you’d all love and accept her!

  4. JingYi Yuan Says:

    here is an interesting post. Have a look about the Nicole Richie :


  5. Karen Says:

    It’s official…your blog is pretty cool! Rashida is one of my favs (Natalie Portman is tops, her fellow Harvard grad).

    • fashionintelligentsia Says:

      Thank you for reading and thanks for the sweet comment. I look forward to reading your film commentary on your blog! xoxo Fashion Intel

  6. gayskeleton Says:

    We all love Rashida. But do you really want Sam Ronson to ” pull you through a window?” Hee Hee.

  7. SoamyImminy Says:


  8. Ex Back Says:

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