Sleeve Me Alone

photo via Jak & Jil

I support animal rights but when you begin ripping the sleeves off Balenciaga dresses that is where I draw the line!  Accounts of the the aforementioned incident are as such: a crazed PETA protester lunged at Carine Roitfeld outside of Jean Paul Gaultier and ripped the sleeve off  her dress.  Apparently PETA was rather bothered by the lilac goat hair coat Carine was seen sporting this weekend and felt that she needed to learn a lesson.  In proper Carine style she replied to the media’s coverage by saying “I am a fashion martyr now.”


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10 Responses to “Sleeve Me Alone”

  1. WendyB Says:

    I’m sure it was worthwhile to her just to come up with that line!

  2. martine syms Says:

    I’m not going to rip off her sleeves, but Carine’s blasé attitude DOES NOT make me pity her.

    • fashionintelligentsia Says:

      I don’t pity her either but ripping people’s clothes off is pretty lame.

      On another note, PETA is an awful example of activism and I find their tactics of exploiting women’s bodies to save animals just gross. Who wants to see another add with a woman and her bare breasts telling us to do something? Not me.

      P.S. They threw eggs at everyone too. Isn’t that hilarious? EGGS???

  3. Phuong Says:

    as fierce as roitfeld is …. she totally asking to be kicked in the face wearing that yeti.

    • fashionintelligentsia Says:

      Oh no, I better not show you the yeti hanging in my closet. You won’t kick me in the face, will you?

  4. Diabolina Says:

    Violence in protest of violence never works. People are so lame.

  5. sg Says:

    clothes have feelings too!

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