Graduation Day


Spring quarter begins in a couple weeks and I couldn’t be more excited about graduating in June!  Not only am I ecstatic to receive my diploma in Women’s Studies from UCLA , but I am thrilled for the major party I am going to throw post graduation.  Of course I’ll need an amazing dress for the party and thankfully I found it while flipping through the most recent Teen Vogue.  I present to you my graduation o9′ party dress designed by Phillip Lim.  The pink is quite lovely but I know I’ll wear the black much more.  The price tag might be a bit much but I am finishing college and that is an accomplishment worthy of dress greatness!  If you’d like this dress for your special occasion, you can buy it here.


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8 Responses to “Graduation Day”

  1. Phuong Says:

    YES. I got the marc kitty dress in blue for my graduation. do it!

  2. Diabolina Says:

    LOVE IT! Take a picture in it please and post.

    p.s. got a big blingy hair clip like the one on the model downtown a few weeks ago. Not sure how to style it. Thoughts?

    • fashionintelligentsia Says:

      I just might post it. I am thinking about revealing myself to my readers this summer. Keep your eye out!

      As for the hair clippy, since you have such beautiful locks I suggest you style an up-do and plop it right in! The model’s look is great but a bit avant garde, non? I cannot wait to see it on you.

  3. Profashionelle Says:

    The dress is LOVELY, good choice. I actually prefer the pink version, but the black is more practical of course. Would love to see a picture of you wearing it. And congrats on graduation, btw! 🙂

    • fashionintelligentsia Says:

      Merci! It seems as if there’s a demand to post this dress once I wear it. Well it just might happen. Keep reading and you just might see me for once.

      Love your site btw. Nice clean lines and layout. I am always excited to have something new to read.

  4. martine syms Says:

    This is too cute to not show the internet, you’ve got to post it.

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