SJP Loves her Library



Because of my move it has taken me awhile to receive all of my magazine subscriptions.  When I got the new Harper’s Bazaar I was so excited to see Sarah Jessica Parker on the cover.  What has always impressed me about this woman is her vast vocabulary, confidence, and ability to make any belt look amazing.  If you’ve ever seen her in an interview you know how intelligent she is and that is a rarity among many celebrities.  How apropos to give Sarah Jessica Parker the look of Diana Vreeland as both women have exhibited distinct styles and personalities.

To no surprise Sarah Jessica Parker has impressed me again, this time with her homage to Vreeland’s “Why don’t you…”  She suggests you use your local library and start writing good old-fashion letters again.  Well SJP, I do both and won’t ever stop.  Read the rest of her list and try to integrate some of her why don’t yous into your life.  Trust me when I say you’ll love it.  Visit your local library!


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2 Responses to “SJP Loves her Library”

  1. traci Says:


    in my opinion, and in my heart, this is far more a sin than the grey gardens film.

    • fashionintelligentsia Says:

      I can see your point. We all have something/someone we absolutely love and don’t want their greatness to be tarnished by someone new and not as worthy.

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