Lanvin Love


Every website today is going to tell you who looked the best at the Oscar’s last night.  You’ll hear snarky comments about Penelope Cruz looking like a bride or Anne Hathaway needing a tan.  At least those young women have personalities.  While I was looking through images of my favorite looks I came across some awful remarks regarding Tilda Swinton over on The Los Angeles Times website.  I’d rather not post them, but you can read them here along with other lame Oscar fashion “critiques.”  See if you can spot the misogyny!

Tilda, you are my girl.  Especially in Lanvin!  I know no one else is going to say it, at least not on a major website like People or the LAT, but this woman is amazing and her style is unique.  If I wanted to party, I’d give Tilda a call.  She lives with two men afterall – this lady knows how to get down.


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5 Responses to “Lanvin Love”

  1. sg Says:

    tilda! tilda! treasure!

  2. WendyB Says:

    I think she looks fabulous! She does her own thing in fashion and life. Good for her.

  3. Tali Says:

    I completely agree with you about the way they critique! It’s like seriously who cares if someone looks pasty…when did skin cancer become so popular?! Also, the people critiquing will never have the “luxury” of being picked apart because you know they are not anywhere near as cute or as talented as those women are! Also, I don’t think I have ever posted on a blog other than dogster so this is quite exciting for me!

    • fashionintelligentsia Says:

      I am excited that you are excited! Thanks for commenting. I am glad we’re in the same boat about poorly critiquing amazing and avant-garde women! I look forward to more of your comments. ❤

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