New Wares


I was completely inspired by these shoes I saw over on Karla’s Closet [one of my favorite blogs] and felt I had no other choice than to buy these amazing tortoise shell wedges!  Not only do they add 5 inches, but they’re comfortable enough to withstand a brisk jog.  Sounds crazy?  Well, they are pretty easy on the feet.


These are my first authentic pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarers.  All my other glasses similar in style were bought at thrift stores for like $1.99.  My last pair were recently crushed in my purse so I thought I might as well go for the gold.  Here are my new black frames which I cannot wait to wear.


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3 Responses to “New Wares”

  1. sg Says:

    I love them! i believe you too about the jog- if the heel dispersal is good, jogging is an option!

  2. sarah Says:

    i love i love i love!! i can’t wait to see what you pair those 5 inches with!

  3. Phuong Says:

    yeees. amazing.

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