I Forgot to Mention



Because of my sparse posting in December, I did not have the chance to share with you many fashion items that caught my eye.  While going through my collection of magazine cutouts, I was reminded to share how much I loved these Banana Republic holiday ads.  I didn’t simply love them because the couple is gorgeous, I loved them because rarely do I see positive images of interracial love.

If you have no idea what I am talking about, start perusing your magazines or television shows for an image that comes remotely close to this.  You most likely won’t find it.  Why does this discourse even matter?  It is called media literacy and it is undeniable that images have influenced our socialization since birth. Over at UCLA, I have been involved in the Women’s Studies program with an emphasis is arts, media and culture.  This might give you an inclination why I love media and why we should all develop critical thinking skills.

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2 Responses to “I Forgot to Mention”

  1. Phuong Says:

    just lovely! I’m actually a fan of the restricting lace neckline from the first dress!

  2. Halie Says:

    when I saw this, I just thought “they’re so cute together!” not, “they’re black and white!”

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