Tech Support

Some of you have asked me why you can no longer click on the photos to enlarge them – I’ve been wondering the same thing!  I contacted WordPress support [they’re good] and voila, problem solved.  SO that means if you wanted to look at the larger image of say “The Week in Pictures”, “San Francisco” or “Grey Day at LACMA”, now you can.  I will be editing the other posts which had this problem as well.  Some of the images are quite large, so when you click on them and they load, you might need to click on them again for a the best view.

Thanks for reading, xoxo Fashion Intel

2 Responses to “Tech Support”

  1. Stephie O Says:

    About Big Sur fashion-
    Some of the most amazing uncontrived ideas seem to come from the folks who are lucky enough to reside in those magical hills.
    I try to make it up every Spring, and have found on the highway, a lady who sells wrap skirts made from old glitter material she finds throughout the year, plus some yarn she collected from the 60’s. 10 bucks.
    No two are alike, she makes them with love and gives you tea and chats you up as she sells you her wares…which are beautiful and amazing. You wont see her stuff in any LA or SF boutique because she as a designer wants to keep it a part of Big Sur culture.
    Amazing…just like the natural beauty, people up there are like no other people in the world.

  2. fashionintelligentsia Says:

    Thanks for commenting Stephie O! I would love to see these skirts you speak off. Where on HWY 1 is she near?

    As you mentioned, the people in Big Sur do everything with love and attention. I absolutely loved the friendliness and magic there.

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