Made in Alaska


This is one of the most amazing pieces of vintage jewelry I have ever acquired.  I had mentioned this brooch earlier this week when describing my adventures in San Francisco.  It is made of a hand-carved piece of wood and what I am guessing is fox fur.  On the back, there is an carved emblem which represents the indigenous Alaskan people who created this masterpiece.

The craftsmanship is nothing short of impressive and I wish we could develop more fair-trade organizations that could  support indigenous communities who made  beautiful authentic jewelry as I was so lucky to come across.


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4 Responses to “Made in Alaska”

  1. sarah Says:

    and when will it debut at the library? that’s what i’m waiting for!

  2. sg Says:

    i have been waiting for this!!! better than i could have imagined. so radical and will be so perfect on youxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. gayskeleton Says:

    Sarah Palin is sooooo jealous.

  4. Diabolina Says:

    take a picture of how you style it. por favor.

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