Greetings from San Francisco


As promised, here are some photos from my trip to San Francisco.  My boyfriend and I were  invited to spend the new year with my sister and her fiance in their new home outside the city. Of course we were in SF every day, either shopping or having vegetarian delights!  Here are some of my favorite images:

Top to Bottom:

1. Vintage Gucci & Louis Vuitton line the front cases in this resale vintage store called Static [on Haight].  They had a meanie shop girl, who got mad at me when I snapped this photo and acted like a real jerk!  I will try to forget her bad attitude as they have some great clothes, shoes and bags.

2.  Isn’t that an amazing sheep’s wool jacket? It was in the window of a Goodwill, which I spotted while in the front seat of my sister’s car.  I thought, how could that still be there?  We parked, I went inside and looked at the price tag – $55! No thank you Goodwill.

3.  My boyfriend models his Cheap Monday skinny jeans while contemplating some vintage moccasins.  I wish he had got them.

4.  I have no idea who this girl is, but she had my kind of attitude!  When we stopped for the countdown to New Years we saw her with some friends and she was amazing.  I loved her outfit which was equally matched by an amazing personality.  We counted down from 10 for about a half hour! 10-9-8-7 over and over.

5.  Gianco Ferre vintage at Wasteland.  $125 and not in my shopping bag, though I really loved it.

6.  Alexis Bittar, how do I love thee!  This was on display at the de Young Museum.  From my knowledge of his jewelry, this is from his Ms. Havisham collection for sure. D-I-E

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7 Responses to “Greetings from San Francisco”

  1. Phuong Says:

    I concur, those moccasins are a great color and should be sitting in your closet right now.

  2. gayskeleton Says:

    I see my feets! These moccasins were like walking on pillows, soft, but just a little too soft to support those city streets.

  3. martine syms Says:

    i haven’t been to sf in ages. not since college visiting! looks like you had fun. oh and that plugin is called “fancyzoom.”

  4. Little Red Book Says:

    I’m from San Francisco originally and glad that you enjoyed ringing in the New Year in my hometown. Those bags are to die for!

  5. Diabolina Says:

    how are the prices at that static???

    yay now i know gay skeleton is the boy 😉

  6. fashionintelligentsia Says:

    The prices at Static are so-so. That’s not a very good answer is it? Those LV bags were like $200. I’ve bought so many bags under $20 at random thrift stores that anything above that kinda seems too much for me sometimes. Brand new, no problem, but hundreds for a worn out LV – I am not sure.

    And yes, “Gay Skeleton” is my guy. ❤

  7. jewelry Says:

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