Back in Los Angeles


HAPPY NEW YEAR! What a much needed vacation!  San Francisco was lovely, and I cannot wait to show you some photos I took at the YSL exhibit.  Photography was absolutely prohibited, but I managed to sneak a few in there for you.  I’ve especially got a great one for my friend Stefani!

While in San Francisco, I picked up one of the most amazing pieces of jewelry, ever.  There will be photos tomorrow, but I’ll give you a hint – it is vintage, made in Alaska and has two of these elements: wood carving + fur.  Sounds amazing, right?

I am so happy it is 2009!  I cannot wait to meet up with my friends and catch up on this past week, and what the year has to hold for us.  Plus, I’ll going to see my psychic again this weekend, followed by a massage.  The year is already looking wonderful!


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5 Responses to “Back in Los Angeles”

  1. Phuong Says:

    09 is going to be amazing. i knoooooooooow it.

    • fashionintelligentsia Says:

      I agree, 2009 will be great – we’ll make it great!
      PS I am so excited about our temple visit. Chinese New Year here we come. I cannot wait to pray with a monk. ❤

  2. Diabolina Says:

    wood carving AND fur??? psychic AND massage?? we gotta be friends in 2009 😉

  3. gayskeleton Says:

    Two O,Oh Nine. Was that hip enough?

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