Not a Regular Girl


Chloë says she was never a “normal girl”, if any of us truly knows what that is.  That’s why I have always loved her though.  Her movie choices have always felt as if they were considered, her fashion choices always daring, and her attitude has always come off as bohemian and punk rock.

When I was perusing the magazine rack for the January issue of Domino [my subscription hasn’t kicked in] my dear boyfriend pointed out Chloë Sevigny on the new issue of Missbehave Magazine.  They are on issue 10, but this is the first time it has ever come home with me.  If Chloë is on the cover, they obviously have some level of taste so I cannot wait to see what else the magazine has inside.

Chloë will undoubtedly be on the Fashion Intel’s radar until I die.  I once saw Chloë at the Sunset Junction and she looked so relaxed and leggy.  She optimizes the kind of girl you’d want as a best friend.  I don’t think you’d disagree!

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2 Responses to “Not a Regular Girl”

  1. tania Says:

  2. gayskeleton Says:

    There’s a sexy innocence about her. Is that weird?

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