Tick Tock, Tick Tock


This new photo [shot by my fave Steven Meisel] of Madonna for Louis Vuitton makes me feel a tiny bit better. Thank you Marc Jacobs!

“I still feel it looks like beautiful, gorgeous Madonna,” Jacobs said about the images. [more at WWD]


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10 Responses to “Tick Tock, Tick Tock”

  1. J Lacroix Says:

    Yah Theyre amazing… Well SHe is at least. Its almost 2 separate images. This was actually taken in restaurant in west hollywood.

    • fashionintelligentsia Says:

      Which restaurant?
      Madonna is fabulous and I am so glad she got out of that marriage. Guy is so lame!

  2. wecouldgrowup2gether Says:


  3. Little Red Book Says:

    God bless them!

  4. Phuong Says:

    love the colors

  5. Diabolina Says:

    loves it.

  6. Kimberly Says:

    Another LV limited edition bag to add to my wish list *sigh*.

  7. J Lacroix Says:

    I was against her marriage from day one!

  8. gayskeleton Says:

    She just gets younger and younger, well sort of…

  9. gayskeleton Says:

    The restaurant is the Figaro on Vermont! Hell yeah!

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