Triple Word Score





Correct pronunciation is on the top of my list of “rules people should live by”.  My sign is Virgo, so I cannot help but be critical of correct linguistics and try to enforce them in my life.  These three choices are names and words I often hear incorrectly role of people’s tongues, so I was absolutely thrilled to find the new site [All the words in the world. Pronounced]  for us all to use as a reference.

What are some words you just hate when people mispronounce?


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6 Responses to “Triple Word Score”

  1. Little Red Book Says:

    I thank you w/all my heart for introducing! My boss has the brain of a 14-year old gum smacking teenager and blindly refuses to uphold surname etiquette. (Almost unforgivable) When I hear her pronounce Rachel Zoe as “Rachel Zoey” – it’s like nails scratching on the chalkboard.

  2. Phuong Says:

    Proenza Schouler! Chaiken! Nicolas Ghesquiere!

  3. Phuong Says:

    OH, and you’re right. I wrongly trusted Wintour’s pronounciation and for some reason I was speaking with the understanding that Schouler was somehow Germanic.

  4. martine Says:

    No one can seem to say Braunschweiler right, I’ll have to keep my last name. : )

  5. fashionintelligentsia Says:

    LRB – I also cringe when I hear ZOEY!!!!

    Phuong – What the hell is wrong with Wintour? Where’s Carine when you need her!?!? Also, lets start adding those names, and yours too!

    Martine – That reminds me, do I really know how to say Braunschweiler? Next time we talk, have me say it aloud!

  6. MauiSun Says:

    OK…how about a simple word like library, I hear people all the time pronounce it as LIBERRY…….torcher!

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