Fashion Doppelgänger / Louboutin v F21


I haven’t posted a Fashion Doppelgänger in awhile, so I was thrilled to come across these beauts!  Though a much more “popular” site recently used the phrase “Fashiongänger” and more than once had the same knock-offs feature a day after mine, I am happy to bring you my most recent discovery – Christian Louboutin v Forever 21.

We all know that Forever 21 is the biggest knock-off offender of all, but at a time like this I am a bit offended by the $835 Louboutins that look like something the strippers over at Sam’s Hofbrau would wear.  There have been many wannabees to the Rodita Zip Platforms but I can say I am a little impressed by the $27.80 red [though appears coral] Zipper Chic Pumps from Forever 21.  They don’t look nearly as stripper-esque!


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2 Responses to “Fashion Doppelgänger / Louboutin v F21”

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    i like

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