Authentically Anne


I love Anne Hathaway, there is no denying it.  Even when Princess Diaries [lame, I know!] shows on cable, I cannot help but make some popcorn and cozy up with the young princess.  Havoc will probably never be erased from my mind – that is her her worst film btw – but I am excited about her future in Hollywood.

Anne’s new latest film, Rachel Getting Married is getting a lot of attention and has even been dubbed the “best American film of the year.”  I feel ho-hum about the film, but at least with the attention comes the swirling press and magazines around Anne.  Here is a beautiful spread from Californian publication, C Magazine.

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4 Responses to “Authentically Anne”

  1. shesdressingup Says:

    Wow, she really is beautiful. I’m very interested in seeing Rachel Getting Married!

  2. Little Red Book Says:

    Okay, I secretly cancel plans and sit/watch Princess Diaries too. Glad someone else is adult enough to admit it. I have to see Rachel Getting Married!

  3. fashionintelligentsia Says:

    I am glad the both of you like Anne as much as I do. She’s simply a breathe of fresh air among many of the Hollywood starlets.

    Little Red Book – Have you seen Havoc? If not, you have to see how bad it is. But I am so with you on Princess Diaries.

  4. magazine philippines Says:

    I like that kind o0f post,keep up the good work.

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