Gone Thrifting


This Veteran’s Day I spent my afternoon with my dear friend Phuong [pictured] thrifting at my favorite locations.  She is obviously a great model and a great sport as you can see by my impeccable photography.  Unfortunately on our outing Phuong left empty handed, but she almost had it with that fabulous gold/bronze decorated skirt.  I on the other hand, carried out a vintage St. John by Marie Gray dress, a circus-esque ruffle shirt and a black/gold knot belt.

There were lots of great items at our first stop, like that vintage fur and Moschino shoes, not mention a Celine jacket, but they just weren’t our sizes.  Sigh.  We had an amazing time and I look forward to many thrift outs again.


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3 Responses to “Gone Thrifting”

  1. Diabolina Says:

    where did you goooooo????

  2. sg Says:

    phuong looks awesome!

  3. fashionintelligentsia Says:

    to Diabolina — I’m not sure if I can reveal my secrets! 😉

    to Stefani — Phuong is totally awesome!

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