Slow & Steady…

Last week I was shocked when called out Slow & Steady Wins the Race under their regular “Adventures in Copyright” blog.  Anyone in the art community knows about this label and I thought fashionistas did as well. I’ve always admired S&S products at MOCA, which I live down the street from, and I know they’re carried in some of the most unique boutiques across the country.

Just the other week I met with Slow & Steady over at the Copper building in downtown L.A. [that is where I got this postcard]. I had a meeting with an Alexis Bittar rep for our shop and thought I’d stop by some other booths as well.  S&S had some of the best merchandise by far – they have just introduced some water-proof heels which are absolutely amazing!  Even though I wasn’t in the market to place an order, I am happy knowing that my friend’s shop will be carrying their line any day now.

That great shop is GOLDEN AGE, owned by my dear friends Martine & Marco.  Check out their amazing collection of art work, music and zines. And in not too long, Slow & Steady Wins the Race.


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