Greetings from the Desert

photo: The Integratron

I am back after a delightful vacation to the desert.  Growing up, my family and I would go to Palm Springs every summer and lounge at the condo.  I remember fondly the lightning storms, bbqs and non-stop swimming.  Now when I visit, I look forward to the food, hotels, and best vintage shopping I’ve ever come across!  Though I did not leave with a new wardrobe, I did stumble upon some fabulous stores and bought enough housewares to fill up the back seat of our rental car.

This was our Villa at The Viceroy.  When you realize how badly you must go to the desert, please chose The Viceroy, as they have lovely rooms matched by an ever accommodating staff.   Their spa Estrella was absolutely magnificent, and if you love great design, do not miss this gem designed by Kelly Wearstler.

We always spend a lot of time at The Parker, because they have my favorite breakfast/brunch/lunch in all of Palm Springs – Norma’s.  I can attest that I drank the best glass of fresh squeezed orange juice in my life here, and for $8 I guess it should be.  This hotel is a favorite of mine as it was designed by the uber talented Jonathan Adler.  I was so tempted to walk away with just about everything on display – even the salt shakers at the restaurant, but they’re green and they don’t match our scheme at home.

We crashed a wedding in the Gene Autry Villa at The Parker, and there was a lovely photo of Jackie O. in the bathroom.  Not to mention some Hermes soap I snagged on my way out.

Thanks to Vintage L.A. – a must own book for any Californian – I stopped by a great vintage shop called Dazzles.  This jewelry case is just a glimpse of the glory of this shop.  We left with a mid-century modern drinking glass set, but there were so many baubles that I was drooling over. Sigh.

There is no shortage of thrift stores in Palm Springs.  Angel Views are all over the desert, and I have never walked away without finding something terrific.  Though most items in these stores are marked way under $10, I came across some vintage St. John knit dresses going for $150.  What?  This is a thrift store, not a vintage store, run soley on donations – not cool.  I snapped this shot with my blackberry so I could remember this remarkable neckline.

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One Response to “Greetings from the Desert”

  1. Diabolina Says:

    thanks for the tips. i never know where to go there but i can feel the great vintage whispering my name 😉

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