California Dreamin’

What do all my favorite designers have in common?  THEY ARE ALL FROM CALIFORNIA! I have anticipated this entry because I feel like this fact too often goes under the radar.  What we do hear is that L.A. Fashion Week is a joke [mostly true] and that NYC is the fashion capital of the world.  Well, where would that city be without all of our California natives?

California, particularly L.A., has received a bad wrap in regards to its fashion choices, but there is no denying that these talents have made the Fashion Intel proud.  In addition, I would like to point out that some of the best fashion bloggers, Because I’m Addicted, Chictopia, Diabolina, Fashion Toast, Karla’s Closet, Taghrid and That’s Chic are ALL California girls.

Now that fashion month is winding down, I wanted to share which looks inspired me during New York Fashion Week from my favorite [Californian] designers.  You can count that this Spring [I know Winter hasn’t even started!!!!] I will be wearing my hair in a bun and touting ruffles, black, gray and bondage heels.

Here is a breakdown, if you were wondering more specifically where these designers came from: Vena Cava [South Pasadena], Erin Fetherston [Piedmont, UC Berkeley grad], Jenni Kayne [Los Angeles], Phillip Lim [Westminster, Long Beach State Grad], Rodarte [Nor Cal, Pasadena, UC Berkeley grads], Alexander Wang [San Francisco]


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7 Responses to “California Dreamin’”

  1. martine Says:

    Jenni Kayne + Phillip Lim = “DIE!”

  2. geri Says:

    Thank you for the shot out!!

  3. tswcbyy20 Says:

    Very good

  4. gayskeleton Says:

    Welcome everybody to the Wild Wild West. But not that bad Will Smith version.

  5. Phuong Says:

    Natalie, don’t forget that Derek Lam is from SF!

  6. Diabolina Says:

    i love how everyone begrudges california the fashion props it deserves. it’s like they hate admitting we have talent AND great weather.

    blushing at your lovely compliment,

  7. Alexander the Great « Fashion Intelligentsia’s Weblog Says:

    […] this year our designers have ruled fashion. [Read more on designers who are California Natives here, & more on CFDA at […]

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