COMME des GARÇONS / See it All

COMME des GARÇONS for H&M is like the baby we have been anxiously waiting to be born.  Today we got the sonogram, and the Fashion Intel likes some of what we see, particularly the navy and black trench [pictured].  We sided with other bloggers when they threw their arms up about that $350 dress, but truly, when will the opportunity to own these designs at this price tag come again?  That is not an admittance on our part for a CDG shopping spree nor even a promise to buy, but we’re just saying.

The Cut linked a page featuring what is said to be the entire collection.  It looks like it’s missing some items, but we’ll see if anything else pops up.  Our ruling is still out, but I can say be are a bit underwhelmed.  “Hate that” is in the lead over “love that”, but those few wonderfully crafted pieces have us drooling.


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2 Responses to “COMME des GARÇONS / See it All”

  1. gayskeleton Says:

    Maybe the pieces will look better in person.

  2. Diabolina Says:

    meh. maybe i’d get a jacket. MAYBE.

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