Discount Dolce?

Since my birthday, I have promised myself that I was truly going to accomplish everything I might have pushed to the side previous to 8.23.08.  If you can believe this, visiting the TJ Maxx in La Cañada Flintridge was on my list of things to do ever since I heard of their “Runway” section, which features the cast-aways of previous designer collections.

I should have known better, as those who are close to me know that I totally lose my lunch when I enter a discount store.  Now don’t get me wrong.  I love sales and I love bargains! BUT I cannot stand tossed clothes, growling women, mistreated fabrics, and the overall stench of desperation of those who must own something designer.  As soon as we walked into the “Runway” section, I turned to my boyfriend and said just because these clothes are designer, doesn’t make them good. Furthermore, there is a reason these items made it to the Maxx – they couldn’t cut it at the store they were previously in.

What do we have here?  A military inspired jacket adored with black and gold buttons with a gaudy link chain.  Right up my alley.  Dolce & Gabanna? Even better.  Excuse me, does that price tag read $799.99? Cough. Cough.  I thought this was going to be a cheap excursion, but turned out eight hundred dollars at TJ Maxx is a deal.  Needless to say I didn’t walk away with the Dolce love boat jacket, nor the piles of Vince and Alice & Olivia dresses.

Give me a thrift store any day.  I would rather be in a muggy space with my grandma haggling down a $3 dress than a grossely “Runway” section at TJ Maxx anyday.


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3 Responses to “Discount Dolce?”

  1. Little Red Book Says:

    I agree with you. $800 discounted D&G must have lost its way to Nordstrom’s discount rack, not TJ Maxx. Are their buyers that dillusioned?

  2. J Lacroix Says:

    I love it! But its true Discount stores gives me hives. I do find gems every now than at nordstrom rack.

  3. gayskeleton Says:

    TJ Maxx has always been a laugh riot.

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