All of Them Witches

The Fashion Intel loves witches [if you already hadn’t noticed], both good and bad, so I was so excited to see Hermione in the October issue of Harper’s Bazaar.  To be honest, I was simply excited to see Emma Watson!  I’ve never read any of the Harry Potter books, and probably have only seen two of the films, but I love that there is a fashionable red headed witch in that series.

Emma Watson has proven herself to be one of the youngest fashion plates out there.  Born in 1990, she has impressed magazines both in the U.S. and across the pond.  She looks best when she expresses her affinity for Chanel, lace, and sporting duds from the best U.K. designers.  Considering that tomorrow marks London Fashion Week’s denouement, it is apropos to celebrate these fabulous designers with the girl who has been seated at their runways.

Editor’s Note: I realized that it might be a gaffe to call sweet Hermione a witch, so for those true Harry Potter fans, would it be more appropriate to call her a wizard?

See full spread behind the break [photography/Simon Procter]


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16 Responses to “All of Them Witches”

  1. hermione Says:

    brilliant shoot i like them all so much i don’t know which is my favourite really!she’s really stunning..

  2. jonas Says:

    wow, very impressed by young emma watson!

  3. cristy Says:


    i gess emma knows what she likes and i think all this fashion show stuff is so she can spot the DRESS SHE WILL BE WARING FOR THE HARRY POTTER PREMIERS AND EVENTS come july of 09.

    so now do you see wear emma is going with this? hu-hu do ya? lol

    PS. what do you think of my site it needs a little work i know.

  4. catrocketship Says:

    All really nice shots, except the second to last. She is awkward and the man…well, I think it’s a man’s head photshopped on a teen’s body? Laid over a really awful composite background.

    The Vivienne Westwood page, though, is stunning.

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  6. Emmalina Says:

    Wow, they’re amazing!
    The pictures are so nice and Emma’s so beautiful, incredible!!

  7. Julia Says:

    Well, Emma / Hermione isn’t a real red head, but besites that – I’m just stunned ! Especially the Giles Deacon one was awesome. Emma is such a beauty ❤ thank you for posting !

  8. Jen Says:

    I don´t like Emma. But the pictures are amazing!!

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  10. gayskeleton Says:


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  12. raquella Says:

    i’m not a diehard obssessive harry potter fan, but i am a fan, and i do love her to death… the books (which i am currently reading) refer to the females as witches and the males as wizards, so i guess it would be correct to call hermione a witch…

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  14. SoamyImminy Says:


  15. paid offers Says:

    The Harry Potter movies are brilliant and this one is no exception – both my kids and my parents love them, they truly span the ages.

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