Gossip Girl has a Blackout

Fashion Intel here,

I would have to say last night’s episode was a bit more morose than usual – Vanessa giving up Nate, Chuck not getting it up because of Blair, and the breakup of Serena and Dan.  Why must there be heartbreak so soon?  Didn’t Dylan and Brenda date for awhile before Dylan decided to cheat on Brenda with Kelly at the beach house while Brenda was in Europe with Donna? Why couldn’t Serena and Dan have a little more time? AND why is Serena being a bitch in the next episode?  That’s right, I am in my twenties and talking like this!

Fashion on Gossip Girl never disappoints;  honestly, that’s half the reason I watch the show.  Funny thing I noticed about the episode “Dark Knight”.  You might remember my GG season finale entry [see here] in which I recommended a yellow Grecian 3.1 Phillip Lim dress for Blair.  Oh yes, she wore that exact same dress in last night’s episode.  Could I style for this show, or what?  Maybe they are reading the Fashion Intel!

Here are my top moments:

  1. “Ralph Lauren adores you!” – Cougar to Nate
  2. Vanessa not looking half bad.  Who made that gold & purple dress?
  3. Blair’s bow headband + bow shirt = bow wonderland
  4. Who are these mini fashionistas in the park? C-U-T
  5. Jenny as a “Cinderlla bird” sounds like the cutest thing!
  6. Blair wearing Phillip Lim is a match made in heaven. I would know as I forecasted it.
  7. Serena’s FAKE boots.  They make look bad, but her CHANEL belt didn’t.
  8. Chuck’s shout out to Bertie Wooster from Wooster & Jeeves.
  9. “A pilgrim at a funeral” – Jenny to Ms. Waldorf
  10. Hope you saved the receipt for that tiara, B.

From L to R: Phillip Lim Silk Pleated Grecian Dress $795, Marc by Marc Jacobs [as seen on Vanessa] Spectrum Striped Top $198, L. Erickson Coco Two Tier Headband $42, Chloe Bow Neck Blouse $1,575, Forever 21 Multichain Disc Necklace $4.80, Chanel Belt


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3 Responses to “Gossip Girl has a Blackout”

  1. gayskeleton Says:

    But what about the best line: Blair, have you seen Nate? No, it’s a blackout. Ha! Who writes this stuff Bruce Vilanch???

  2. martine Says:

    hahaha bruce vilanch! love it.

  3. Diabolina Says:

    love love love your fashion commentary. i too think i could style the show. probably alot easier than we’d imagine with designers throwing stuff at you. sigh.

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