I Heart Cardigans

Word has been spreading about the new “Topshop USA” online store.  That’s right, no more pound conversions and waiting weeks for that Phillip Lim inspired dress!  It is here, they have Kate, and I am already drooling over this comfy heart cardigan.

Apparently we’re not the first to head over to the new site, as there are only two sizes left in the Kate Moss for TopShop grey heart cardigan.  If you are a 6 or 8 and have $95 to spare, head on over and see for yourself.  Don’t you need a boyfriend style cardi for Fall? [clicky]

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4 Responses to “I Heart Cardigans”

  1. martine Says:

    this is good news!

  2. Sarah Says:

    So what do you think the learning curve will be like with “waistcoats”?

  3. sg Says:

    You would look great in this cardigan!

  4. gayskeleton Says:

    I know you heart them. I know.

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