Fashion Phony

“Well…I been [sic]…usually when I didn’t have any money, which I don’t really have a lot yet, I used to shop at thrift stores and vintage stores. And this is all from a vintage store.  I found this at a costume house and decided to put it together.  And this is not really a pin for my hair.  It is supposed to be a pin for my outfit but I just stuck a couple bobby pins in it.  I don’t know, I am just one of those, like, just do it yourself, cut it, make it and hopefully it will be great.” [Katy Perry on the VMA red carpet]

Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, er, KATY PERRY is as articulate as her fashion and lyrics are authentic.  I dare say she is the Avril Lavigne of 2008.  Fake lesbian kisses?  Thrift store shopping?  Edgy? I can spot a tool from a mile away.  AND if I read one more article regarding her resemblance to Zooey Deschanel, I am going to kill myself.


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One Response to “Fashion Phony”

  1. Sarah Says:

    incoherent much? um… what?

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