In the Mail / The Row, Leather Leggings

What better way to calm my stress of summer school midterms, ailments, and daily life than to receive a lovely email from Barneys urging me to get my very own pair of LEATHER LEGGINGS. Not but a few hours ago the beating sun was extracting perspiration through my white American Apparel v-neck, but the truth is I always dream of fashion through the eyes of Fall colors and fabrics.

Leggings, as those closest to me know, make me vomit in my own mouth. Much to my surprise I squealed with joy when I saw this image of Coco Rocha wearing leather, clutching Goyard, donning leopard on the skull, in front of a scene of white monochromatic books. Did someone peer into my mind last night while I was sleeping? This is my winning combination. This will be my look for Fall. Now if I can only get a hand on $1,700 so that I can help fill the pockets of those struggling artists Mary-Kate and Ashely Olsen. What can I say, I love The Row and those stylish girls.

FYI: The Row’s studio is down the street from my apartment. I’ll be keeping my eye out for any “sample sales.” In my dreams.


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2 Responses to “In the Mail / The Row, Leather Leggings”

  1. martine Says:

    Okay, love MKA, love The Row, but what’s the deal w/ Elizabeth & James?

  2. gayskeleton Says:

    You do not want to know what I am thinking…

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