Welcome Back Gossip Girl

Fashion Intel here,

I didn’t make it to the Hamptons this year, much less ride the Jitney. I still cannot believe I lived on Long Island for a year (how awful). This Fall I have been most excited about the return of one of my favorite shows EVER, Gossip Girl. Summer didn’t feel quite over as Blair, Serena, Chuck, et al. took us along for a ride around the Hamptons – on a stylish bike no less. This season will undoubtedly fulfill our fashion cravings and inspire new trends abound. You can always count on the Fashion Intel to bring you the best Gossip Girl fashion moments.

  1. “eggshell [color] gives me a migrane.” – Jenny’s Boss
  2. Blair’s highlights = nolikes!
  3. Boys in summer sweaters are absolutely adorable. Chuck in schooners, V-Neck for the Lord.
  4. Do we spot a Alexis Bittar lucite bangle on Blair? Of course we do.
  5. Prints. Prints. Prints. Love the Milly.
  6. Gosh Serena, you get all the purses we want. Chanel, sigh.
  7. My mother is buying me a bike for my birthday, have you got yours yet? Blair does.
  8. Can we finally say this – BLAKE LIVELY HAS FAKE BOOBS!
  9. Remember browsing Bergdorf’s and contemplating the scalloped MBMJ dress? Me too, and now it is sold out.
  10. Chuck, our dear lovely, we love your Balenciagaesque blazer. Marry me?

From L to R: Milly Jungle Leaf Dress ($263), Marc by Marc Jacobs Joelle Scalloped Dress ($268), Forever 21 Argyle knee high socks ($3.80), Forever 21 Logo Patch Blazer ($32.80), Alexis Bittar Organic Lucite Bangle ($120), Chanel Crackled Patent Puzzle Purse S/S 08, Urban Outfitters Livity Be Fair Fedora ($19.99), Schwinn Allow Seven Cruiser ($339.99)

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One Response to “Welcome Back Gossip Girl”

  1. gayskeleton Says:

    Return to sender, oh! We already said that!

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