Who Els(on) is Going to Say IT?

“I remember I came back from a job in Paris and the stylist said to me, ‘have you been eating too many croissants, Karen?'” Elson told the Guardian: “Fashion is obsessed with finding young, beautiful and vulnerable girls, bringing them into the fashion world, praising them, worshipping them but suddenly dropping them like a stone when they hit puberty and grow boobs and hips. It’s so dangerous and can potentially harm the girls mentally and physically.” (Guardian UK)

First Moss, now Elson and we cannot forget the lovely Ali Micheal. What do you think of this sea change?


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2 Responses to “Who Els(on) is Going to Say IT?”

  1. Paula Baxter Says:

    I’m just starting to check on other blogs related to fashion history and yours is great. The media is such a big, big factor in our lives. I’m glad you pointed out the mixed messages that are sent about the mania for a perfect body type and what can happen to vulnerable women. Please continue and especially about television actresses. I just saw a disturbing film yesterday from PBS called “Growing Up On-line” and it seems like the peer pressure network for the young is just as strong and vicious as when I was a teen. Maybe worse. Now when kids go on-line, they’re expected to peg themselves, e.g. geek/nerd, goth, loner. Worrying!

  2. gayskeleton Says:

    “suddenly dropping them like a stone when they hit puberty and grow boobs and hips.”

    Hopefully dropped into my lap. Too crass?

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