Meet the Editor

I was inclined to write this post after reading the discourse regarding Would You Wear a Knock-Off? over on Fashionista yesterday. Consensus was that the author of the post was an elitist, snob, classist, et al. and I cannot say that I would disagree (though I believe it to be faux elitism) as evident in the comment I contributed.

As I have gained readers quickly, I thought I should elucidate on the girl behind Fashion Intelligentsia. It would be me Natalie and that is me under those clothes. That is a small collection of some of my favorite dresses, and next to them you will see some recent favorites – Nine West doing Balenciaga Gladiators and Dollhouse doing Givenchy dungeon shoes.

As Kyle from Fashionista stated, “So, if a knock-off was good enough, would you wear it? Or would you just save your change – or better, get creative?” The photo reveals my answer, and surely next time he could write a more creative post. It is obvious we know our fashion, and from your comments, so do you. One can wear Phillip Lim and Forever 21. In the end both their tags read “Made in China.”

I think Karl Lagerfeld got it right when he said “Go either very cheap or very expensive. It’s the middle ground that is fashion nowhere.”  I hope you enjoy the photo and there will be more reveals in the future!


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8 Responses to “Meet the Editor”

  1. allisonwrote Says:

    I found you via that dreadful fashionista post…namedropping “Deluxe” AND Baudrillard gets my attention!

    Keep up the good work, and maybe check out my blog as well? It’s in a bit of a lull at the moment, but I try to deal with intellectual critiques of fashion as well.


  2. martine Says:

    Your comment was so good!

    I’d rather invest my money than buy “designer” clothes. I only care how things look on me. PLUS, neither F21 or Chloe sale shoes in my size. Karl is right.

    ❤ ms

  3. Sarah Says:

    I see your toe!

  4. Axxfactor Says:

    Usually if you carry yourself very well, people may think that you are wearing branded stuff even you are not, coz your charisma already outshine the others! So before buying branded items, maybe you can take a look at the mirror yourself to see do you really need those branded stuff to make yourself look good 🙂

  5. diabolina Says:

    you know i am with you 110%


  6. Annalyn A. Says:

    Hey Lady! I love your blog, i’ve read a lot of your entries and I think they are fab!!!! Update please!

  7. J Lacroix Says:

    HERE HERE!!!

  8. gayskeleton Says:

    Most expensive pile I’ve seen!

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