Search and You Will Find

A couple weeks ago we saw the cutest ensemble on the fabulous MSNBC anchor woman Tamron Hall. We had to have her dress, and apparently so did you as we got tons of emails from girls/ladies who wanted to know who designed it.  The wait is over because we discovered this silk number comes from Tory Burch’s Fall collection.

We found it, well its sister dress at least, as the colors are a bit different. You can purchase it at our favorite “must buy everything” site Net-a-Porter. For $395 this feather dress can be yours, and it is so cute you might not want to risk waiting to see if it goes on sale!


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3 Responses to “Search and You Will Find”

  1. joe Says:

    this looks like a dress britney spears wore to a custody hearing way back when she was still nuts. thats not a good connect.

  2. yeti9000 Says:

    I dunno how I feel about this whole “Native American” chic thing…Christine and I saw some high hell leather moccasins in San Francisco that were just plain scary. And they were everywhere!

    This dress isn’t too bad, but I’m hoping this “Dances With Wolves” trend ends soon, because I, for one, am very afraid of it. Yikes!

  3. gayskeleton Says:

    I like it, you could go gambling in it.

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