How LOW will you go?

Last week a friend and I were perusing the ever fascinating NOTCOUTURE and came across what we thought to be the world’s lowest V-Neck t-shirt. Fascinated by who would design and sell something obviously so hilarious, we clicked on the link and we were sent over to the ever popular

We saw a collection of $62 tees by LNA which although look soft, appeared to be highly nonfunctional. Calling Kate Moss! Who would wear this tee without fear of the inappropriate nipple slip?

Sara (the friend) and I proved right – take a look at this Lily Allen expose from a few days ago. Her nipple is not new to the internet, but seeing it was like a “I told you so” for me, except I am not friends will Lily Allen. BUT I am sure she could have benefited from my advise.

The question is dear readers – HOW LOW WILL YOU GO? Is this tee simply too much? Or too little should I say? For further evidence, you can check out Lily’s bare look over at Egotastic.


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3 Responses to “How LOW will you go?”

  1. МТС peach Says:

    as for me – the shirt should suit exactly to you. if you’re sure, that it fits you good – than go even lower 😉

  2. gayskeleton Says:

    I want a shirt so low my balls hang out.

  3. amanda Says:

    I’ll go low in the summer.

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