News I Can Watch

Each morning, after I workout and shower, I sit down with some breakfast and watch MSNBC on mute. I keep it silent because my boyfriend is asleep at this hour, and to be frank I loathe the usual morning show host, Contessa Brewer. This morning not only was I surprised with a better anchor, but an outfit that is possibly the best I’ve ever on morning news, morning television at that. I had to know who this stylish anchor was, and I discovered she is the beautiful Tamron Hall. I must find her broadcasting schedule because if this what she looks like on a Friday morning, count me in!

Writing from Pacific, not Central Time.


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13 Responses to “News I Can Watch”

  1. Little Red Book Says:

    Nice call on this one and I’m also digging her. The top, the belt, the hair’s not over-layered shoulder length frizz ball that common anchorwomen do.

  2. Diabolina Says:

    She is adorable!!!! Loving the belt and retro pattern

  3. B Says:

    I saw this on too! She looks great. Does anyone know where that dress is from?

  4. fashionintelligentsia Says:

    Someone find us this dress!

  5. Search and You Will Find « Fashion Intelligentsia’s Weblog Says:

    […] You Will Find A couple weeks ago we saw the cutest dress on the fabulous MSNBC anchor woman Tamron Hall.  We had to have it, and you expressed interest as […]

  6. tamron hall Says:

    […] who this stylish anchor was, and I discovered she is the beautiful tamron Hall. I must find her Hall – Celebrities at Weblo.comTamron hall in Weblo virtual world has ranking of 7.03 and […]

  7. gayskeleton Says:

    That is the cutest face she is making.

  8. ghost Says:

    lair your sister did not die

    fake new stories again

    cia is not your to say or the white house

    your black mailing days are over with

  9. ghost Says:

    the only crazy thing around here is the news reporters
    claiming that they won the HOUSE or the only thing crazy here is that
    the lies to cover up for her is around a billion so go to hell and find out the truth your self that her lies cost a house sen and rep so eat it up those spots are for lease to ad counsel

  10. ghost Says:

    when i feel like making love to someone i care for i would say i love you to whom i want too enjoy sex with

    a good time out with a honest friend who loves me for who i am

    just a man who fell in love

    with a mistake of a life time

    who she is nothing but a pussycat

    alone in bed and afraid of

    the good shepherd

    the guy who had once loved and now disown’s her intil she finds a heart to show me she cares deeply for me or when i lie just to make love to you than i lie but this women lies to fix the press’s view point only one side

    so i say as an Elephant to take back these seats lost from these fake and lairs off seat impostures the news reporters and the people who run this fake counrty of AMERICA

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