Why Can’t We?

One of our most faithful readers, Sarah, has brought to our attention something that has been plaguing us for awhile now – why can’t you buy the clothes seen in the Forever 21 ads? By no means is F21 Sarah or the Fashion Intel’s favorite store, but we have both acquired some great pieces from that shop. In fact, Sarah has one of the coolest necklaces we’ve ever seen that we automatically thought it was vintage and wanted all the details. She whispered F-o-r-e-v-e-r 21, and we gasped!

The mystery that remains though is where do these cute clothes on their web page ads really come from? See that dress pictured? Not anywhere on the site. AND that is not the first thing we’ve seen. Are they truly F21 clothes or magical pieces from a faraway land that we will never own?


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4 Responses to “Why Can’t We?”

  1. Little Red Book Says:

    I agree with you that if you’re going advertise something and I like it, I want to buy it. The problem is Forever 21 mass produces and so even though it’s not online (although I think every sample in production should be only makes sense) it most likely ended up selling in let’s say higher volume stores like Manhattan or L.A. It’s the same way Urban Outfitters works, stuff on their website not necessarily in their stores and vice versa. It’s how the mass produced retailers play unfortunately.

  2. Halie Says:

    I agree! I think they try to show off the best of their best in their ads — everything seems to be better quality and a touch more refined.

  3. Chantalle Says:

    They do sell that dress, I’m a merchandiser for them at the Toronto location. I might buy it actually!

  4. yeti9000 Says:

    And that is why I like Old Navy and La Target! You see something in their ads and you can bet your ass it will be in their stores next time you go. 🙂

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